About the Festival

The overall aim of the Festival is to contribute to the sustainability of a rural community in the following ways:

  • To thank farmers in the Yorkshire Dales by showcasing their work and industries they support, that help to ensure the future of the Dales for years to come.
  • To provide a stage for local arts, crafts and musicians to showcase their talents, in order to celebrate the cultural richness of the Dales of which we are proud.
  • To enhance community cohesion by encouraging the local residents to work together towards putting on a successful festival in order to achieve the following common goal.
  • To raise funds which will help facilitate the creation of a Community Garden in Kettlewell that will enhance the lives and experience of both locals and visitors to the village, whilst also providing a living legacy to the Tour De France.

How the idea for the festival originated

Sheep farming has historically shaped and continues to shape the Dales, forming the basis of the local economy, without which the land and its communities would not flourish, bringing in thousands of tourists each year. So I thought, what better way to celebrate what we are good at – farming sheep and producing (and drinking) ale, than with a Festival all about Wool and Ale.

Not only do we want to celebrate life in our local community and that of the Dales but we would also like to create a living legacy of the Tour de France, that will benefit not only local people but also the many national and international visitors we have to Kettlewell each year. Subsequently the main objective of the Festival is to raise monies towards creation of a Community Garden in the village.

We are hoping to create a garden which will enrich people's lives and stimulate the senses, in the form of a Sensory Garden and one which will help individuals who are suffering from such as Alzheimer’s disease or have some other mental health issue or physical disability. A community garden is an invaluable tool for bringing people together of different abilities, ages and cultures. It is a tool for learning and maintaining existing skills, thereby benefitting young children through to the older generation. A garden of this nature will aid in community cohesion and development which can only serve to benefit many people for years to come.

What's On

We are in the process of finalising events for the festival, so the following are subject to confirmation, and more information will follow soon. Planned events include:


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